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UK Tiling Forum

The UK Tiling Forum has been online since 2006 but it wasn’t the very first forum for tiling advice online. The first UK Tiling Forum online was TileForums.com. It was started by a training centre that’s now defunct, called Professional Independent Training Techniques (PITT), around 2002.

The training centre delivered short courses to budding wall and floor tilers from around the UK. The courses could serve around 20 people per week, during which the trainees would be welcomed to call us any time if they become stuck on a job or need to know which type of adhesive to use on a job etc, and after just a few months of providing training the phone calls were taking up a large part of the day in the reception.

So a UK tiling forum was setup so that people could register, ask a question, the training centre would answer, and then in future people could search the forum for the question they have, and find the information they need quickly, any time day or night, and it would save the office hours a day in phone calls.

Before long the forum started to gain members from the tile industry in general, and the idea that somebody could receive tiling advice by way of writing messages rather than speaking to somebody was proven to be fruitful.

The nay-sayers were left behind. And those who recognised the benefit often tried to start their own forum, BAL included. Not all worked, it needed a lot of traction and support to get a tiling forum going.

The training centre closed down eventually, as funding was cut from the retraining schemes by the Armed Forces and whatnot. So TileForums.com was sold to a company who didn’t run it well at all.

TilersForums.co.uk was born in April 2006, and it’s the go-to forum for DIY and professional wall and floor tilers alike. It has the most content, the most questions and answers, the most tiling project photos, the most traffic and members, the most financial support and backing, and the best web developers for construction forums on the planet. (Shameless self-promotion?)