Plumbing, Tiling and Electrical Friends

Friends of ours across the web. Usually plumbing, tiling and electrical advice websites. Often related to training, tools, and free advice – for professionals and DIY alike.

Some friends of ours:-

  • UK Tiling Forum – Free tile and tiling advice from the UK Tiling Forum. Over 5000 members, 800,000 posts. Online since 2006.
  • A1 Tiling Courses – A directory of all UK Tiling Courses from around the country. Find tiling course funding, grants, mentors and more.
  • A1 Tile Suppliers – All the tile suppliers online and offline. Whether you’re looking for tiles, tile adhesives, tiling tools; it’s all here.
  • Pro Tiling Tools – Professional Tiling Tools for all tilers, whether DIY or professional. Discounts on big brands including Rubi, Karl Dahm, Montolit, Sigma and more.
  • Tilers Forums – The oldest tiling forum going. Launched in 2006 and has more than 5000 members. Free advice on wall and floor tiling whether it’s 2pm or 2am.
  • Electricians Forums – The biggest electrical advice website online. Over 26,000 professional electricians, over 1.5 million posts. Online since 2006.
  • Plumbers Forums – The world’s largest plumbing advice website with more than 17,500 members and over 1 million posts. Online since 2006.
  • UK Tiling News – Tile and tiling news from the UK’s oldest tile news website.
  • A1 Electrical Courses – An electrical courses and electrical training centre database. All electrical course providers from North to South.
  • A1 Plumbing Courses – A database of plumbing courses and plumbing training providers. Also free plumbing training advice for the UK plumbing industry.
  • UK Tiling Forums – Tile Industry Forums and Blog for tile suppliers, tile manufacturers, and other industry companies.
  • Tile Blog – A feature rich tile blog with awesome video content as well as news and reviews on the tile industry and its suppliers.
  • Tiling Forums – An older domain that we’ve relaunched over the past few weeks. No ads, no subscriptions, no cliques or weirdos.
  • Tile Advice Live – A fresh outlook on the online tile website circles.
  • – A brand new plumbing forum that’s internationally aimed and has a growing number of regular members.

There’s an electrical website out there for electricians talk, called that has been plagiarising our actual website that we bought 6 months prior. We’ve now established an awesome set of websites using our domain names, and is still online.

Updates for Construction Industry Websites

Thought I’d add a section for updates rather than keep adding to the list above which can often go unnoticed.

So the website I’ve been working on recently is David Howe’s own website. We initially got Steve Porter from ITPorter to do his website, which he did and it looked lovely, but then Steve died from “cot death” at the age of 30!

Didn’t know that was a thing until it happened to him. The guy had so much love for life, basically lived in Thailand for 6 months of each year. Took us ages to hack into the site to get control of it back then, we kept his style for a long long time but then websites needed to improve and be responsive to all screen sizes, and as good as the website was that Steve did for us, we couldn’t make it responsive without tearing it to bits and that felt wrong.

So we’re in the process of updating it. If you’re watching Steve, thanks for the website mate it really did work and looked brilliant.

David Howe Tiling – For Tiling Services in and around County Durham