TilersForums.co.uk Members Get The Most Coverage

TilersForums Members Get The Most CoverageTilersForums.co.uk members benefitted from a minimum of 12,264,475 hits per month, and a maximum of 19,915,080 hits per month during 2011. The busiest year for the UK’s biggest tile advice website.

This news comes as The Tile Association announce that their website peaked at an impressive 831,905 per month during 2011, with 304,374 hits going to member pages within the website, arguably the most important pages for members throughout the website.

TilersForums.co.uk has been running now since April 2006, and currently serves more than 19,000 members, more than 16,000 of those being DIY or professional wall and floor tilers, the rest being homeowners looking for a professional to carry out their work.

Many ’tile forums’ have been setup since TilersForums.co.uk took the lead, one forum even got purchased from a company that went into administration. Another was setup by an adhesive manufacturer. Non of them have managed to obtain any great numbers of regular members and regular traffic. TilersForums.co.uk still to this day holds the number one spot and its members keep on returning.

TilersForums.co.uk is free to use, and comes with a range of benefits for the professional tiler. For more information checkout www.TilersForums.co.uk.

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29 Responses to “TilersForums.co.uk Members Get The Most Coverage”

  1. everdon tiling Says:

    The short time I’ve been on Tilers forum I’ve had some great advice and learnt about alot of products on the market that I’ve not been introduced to. thank you to everybody on There. Also get a laugh from time to time reading some of the posts.

  2. Steve Thomas Says:

    I joined TilersForums.co.uk about 2 years ago, after 30+ years in the trade, and I have come to know the forum as somewhere you can get quick, honest reliable information, on anything within the trade that you are not sure of. It has helped me throughout this time with the latest news on new products, new techniques,etc. Tiling has changed so much within the last few years with the choices of tiles, sizes and composition, and as a result of tilersForums, I have adapted to these changes, and have not been left behind. Any old time tilers out there, that think they have noting new to learn, sign up you will be amazed.


  3. Neale Says:

    For over 4 years now I have been using http://www.TilersForums.co.uk. In that time not only do I learn about new products, new ways of working, attended open days with companies within the industry but I have seen the general public join to get the info they require to do their own tiling. Sometimes this will lead to them realising that maybe its too much for them and they will advertise for a tiler in their area. Other times the members of the forum can guide them through the process of their project and hopefully we have a satisfied DIYer.
    I myself have greatly benefited by the friendships between members and also by being asked myself to quote for work that has been advertised.
    When new people come on the forums seeking advice I have been told how impressed they have been by the enthusiasm of the members and the info freely given.

  4. Steve Thomas Says:

    I joined TilersForums.co.uk about 2 years ago, after 30+ years in the trade, and I have come to know the forum as somewhere you can get quick, honest reliable information, on anything within the trade that you are not sure of. It has helped me throughout this time with the latest news on new products, new techniques,etc. Tiling has changed so much within the last few years with the choices of tiles, sizes and composition, and as a result of tilers Forums, I have adapted to these changes, and have not been left behind. Any old time tilers out there, that think they have noting new to learn, sign up you will be amazed.

  5. Sean Kelly (Ruislip) Says:

    As a tiler I want to do things the right way. If I come across a situation that is new to me I will always consult the forum archives or open a new thread and ask a question. A reply is always received within minutes. Sometimes I may not want the customer to know I do not know the answer, so I ask the question in the ‘private’ area of the forum called ‘The Arms’. Only the other week I found out about a different way to fill the gap between the bath and the end wall. I will be trying out this method on my own bathroom refurbishment. I am currently looking for a new wet cutter, I am therefore trawling the forum for reviews of members cutters. This week I found advice on the cheapest blades for my Bosch multitool. Thank you Tilers Forums. Cheers Sean

  6. David Howe Tiling Says:

    I have been a member of http://www.tilersforums.co.uk since May 2007 , the forum is well known for being one of the friendliest forums on the internet and members are very proud of that and also it is free of foul language which is normally associated with trade forums.

    The benefits i have had from Tilersforums is vast, from learning about new products as soon as they are on the market and sometimes road testing them even before they are released , this in turn helps iron out glitches before general sales of said products.

    There is a very large amount of info and any tiler or DIY will always find advice on what they require help with.

    I have also benefited from the regular jobs that get posted on tilers forums and so have many many members..

    Also it is a fantastic community just to involved with and input into for others to read and learn..

    Thank you tilersforums… Dave..

  7. Andrew (Ireland) Says:

    http://www.TilersForums.co.uk has provided me with invaluable information to help improve my skills and knowledge in tiling, and to keep up to date with new materials and methods

  8. Kris Says:

    I joined the forum back in 2007 when I was in the process of acquiring my SVQ Wall & Floor tiling and have been a regular visiter to the site ever since. The site has proven to be a valuble source of information throughout this time. Members and sponsors include some of the UK’s longest serving tradesmen as well as various sponsor which include tile merchants, adhesive manufacturers and other trade suppliers who are always at hand ready to give expert advice. It is also a great place to have some banter after a hard days work. I have found answers to many issues over the last few years and have been lucky enough to have answered a few questions for other tradesmen and diyers during this time also.

    Thanks for all the hard work you have put in Dan and thanks to all the mods andf other mebers to for thier input.



  9. rob winstanley(rotherham) Says:

    i joined the forum in 2007, ive been tiling over 25 yrs, there is a wealth of advice on here, weather you are just starting out or time served ,
    all the members are so help full
    ive gained quite a bit of work from other members of the forum
    made some good cyber friends ,which i would like to meet some day
    i spend as much time on here as i do the tools
    so if your a tiler and need advice or just a diy, er , then look no further you may think you know it all , i think you will be surprised when you start asking questions , how much others know , quite mind boggling at times

  10. Joe Loughran Says:

    The forum has been great since I joined four years ago.
    It had provided the best of information from the very basics to the most advanced tiling, tools and materials.
    I have now met a few people in person from the forum now which helps too.
    The great sponsors onboard help with prizes etc for the great competitions.
    We at hillhead tiling have won a few big ones not to mention the big Job Of Year 2011.
    Hard to beat the banter on there at times too.
    Big thanks to Dan, Dave and the moderators.
    Keep up the great work folks.

  11. mike stewart Says:

    I’m a self employed tiler and a member of tilersforums since 2009 and find the site invaluable in gaining information off fellow pro’s on materials and adhesives etc. that are new to me or new to the market. there’s a lot of regular members on there (including moderators and trusted advisors) who are friends and share a laugh and a chat and help everyone out that comes on with a problem or question. keep up the good work dan and all the moderators involved

  12. john ryan Says:

    been tiling for around 17 years on and off and joined dans website a couple of years ago. it’s now the first place i look when i need technical advice for work, whenever i come up against anything unfamiliar to me, and always get the help i need. great site dan. cheers.


  13. Mark Says:

    I joined the forum back in 2007 probably tiling on and off for 8 years before that but have 30 years with the plastering and to be honest what an eye opener it was. If I said I had’nt learnt anything I would be a lier, the information on the forum is amazing and how old and experianced you think you are there,s so much to learn and many new products to keep up, which I doubt I would have heard of many of them if I had’nt been on the forum.

    Thanks Tilersforums

  14. Phil Hobson Says:

    I joined tilers florins in Aug 2009 and can’t sing it’s priaises enough. I have made some good friends on here, and been lucky to meet some of the members. Like Joe I have been lucky to win job of the month a couple of times, and came runner up on job of the year 2010, I have had plenty of job enquires from the forums, the job I am on atm came through the forums.

    The friendly advice and banter on here is second to none,a big thank you to admin, mods, and all members. A special thank you to Dan for my new website. Long live tilers forums.

  15. Stef (RobsonMcgregor) Says:

    I joined the forum last year after skirting around about it for a while & i just wish i had joined up sooner.
    I am an active member on the forum & if you have any queries or you are in need of advice then you are only a couple of clicks away from some the best professional tilers out there. All Free Advice.
    I would recommend this forum to anyone that is thinking about carrying out any tiling work within their own home.

  16. lee johnson Says:

    joined the tilers forum about 3-4 years ago, its a great forum for anyone from DIY tilers to time served pro’s. If your ever unsure of something to do with tiling just ask on the forum and you’ll have an answer in about 15mins! The guys on there never judge anyone for a question asked, i use the website at least once a week just to read the threads and pick up new tiling ideas. I also give out advice when i can but i’m usually to slow!! The reply is already there!!

    Overall, brilliant site!!!!


  17. Dave Ramsden Says:

    TF is the best source for tile and tiling advice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals!

  18. Phil Armston Says:

    The tiling forum is definitely the place to go for help and advice, on any thing tile or tiling related.I joined the forum in 2008, and was still quite a inexperienced tiler, but with the help from the forum I am now very confident in my work.

  19. chrisprendy Says:

    have been using the site for a year or so & find it very useful when I need to ask about substrate / addy combinations etc .people who know something you dont give advice freely & honestly ,SAY NO MORE

  20. julian jones Says:

    Started up my tiling business 6 months ago and ive had so much help off the site with all kinds of questions from advertising,pricing,tools,events to problems you encounter most days on site in the tiling industry.A great bunch of people you can have a joke with too…Thanks Dan

  21. Brian Gallacher Says:

    Fantastic resource for the pro & newcomer, been using the site for best part of a year and im hooked, been Tiling all my adult life and its a pleasure to interact with fellow Tilers and enthusiasts that love there work. A big thanks to all the team for your hardwork and making the Forum the best there is.


  22. Del w Says:

    Plenty of advice & information for diy or expert,and not just tile related.Many thanks to those that keep it going.

  23. Andy Coote Says:

    No matter what your experience level – this forum is a priceless resource for wall and floor tiling. I find myself referring potential customers to the forum when they question my wisdom (why do we have to overboard my floor? why tanking when my adhesive is waterproof? why cant we put travertine on my plaster walls?). I have even had customers properly prepare room for tiling after reading up on the Tilers Forum. Makes life so much easier for me! And finally. This is a forum that is effectively managed – been on a lot of forums where comments are nothing short of libellous and threatening (and that was dog lovers!!) but Tilers Forums admin are quick to deal with inappropriate content. Excellent.

  24. Gisela Gibbon Says:

    A great fun place, the enthusiasm about quality tiling continues to help novices, tradesmen and the trade itself, and has stopped many a DIYer make expensive mistakes. For me it has given me an insight into the considerable knowledge of the people on there, increased my customer base and has taught me more tricks and tips for my own work than I ever thought possible.

  25. Nick S Says:

    How the forum has helped me:

    If you need advice or an answer to something you’ve never come across before you get an answer within the hour

    You get so many solutions to the same problem as there are so many tilers on there with a wealth of experience – you can cherry pick which solution suits you most – there is more than one way to crack an egg

    I have had several jobs as a direct result of the forum

  26. Simon Hibbitt Says:

    Been a member for 4 years and when ever I’m stuck with something its always the first place I go to.
    Its an extremely friendly forum where you can make good contacts in the trade.
    No matter how experienced you are there is always more you can learn and this is the place to educate you.
    Being self employed you don’t really have anyone to fall back on or to help you out…..unless your a member of this great forum.

  27. Dean Farmer Says:

    As a tiler that believes you never stop learning http://www.tilersforums.co.uk is the perfect place to go to find out about the new thing that are happening within the tiling industry. There is a policy in the forum that there is no such thing as a silly question, and I have always found that questions are answered quickly and fully.
    I have been a member sins 2008 and visit the site weekly if not daily there is always something that grabs my attention and provides me with that extra bit of knowledge.

  28. Sean Says:

    I joined just over two years ago and have found it to be a very valuable source of information. I work along the lines of continual learning and as new products become available I can try them and look to see how other professionals got on with them too.

    It also serves as a benchmark with the tiler of the month competition, and general work ethic which helps to keep us at the top of our trade