TilersForums.co.uk Tiling Forum Gets a New Look

TilersForums.co.uk, the UK’s most active tiling forum, get a fresh new modern look that’s using a responsive design that changes the content to fit any device viewing the website, whether mobile, tablet or PC.

Tiling Forum by TilersForums.co.uk

TilersForums.co.uk was first launched in 2006 and is about to become 10 years old. To celebrate, the forum is holding a birthday party bash that anybody in the tile industry who’s a member of the forum is welcome to join in on. Information on the party can be found on the forum.

Tilers Forums
TilersForums.co.uk Tiling Forum gets fresh new look!

20,000 Tilers! 

The forum now has 20,000 tilers, who between them have created nearly 1 million posts! – That’s more than 10 times its nearest competitor in the tiling forum world. And over 20 times what BAL Adhesives’ own forums has, that’s been online for around half that time.

Checkout TilersForums.co.uk Tiling Forum

www.TilersForums.co.uk Tiling Forum

TilersForums.co.uk Members Get The Most Coverage

TilersForums Members Get The Most CoverageTilersForums.co.uk members benefitted from a minimum of 12,264,475 hits per month, and a maximum of 19,915,080 hits per month during 2011. The busiest year for the UK’s biggest tile advice website.

This news comes as The Tile Association announce that their website peaked at an impressive 831,905 per month during 2011, with 304,374 hits going to member pages within the website, arguably the most important pages for members throughout the website.

TilersForums.co.uk has been running now since April 2006, and currently serves more than 19,000 members, more than 16,000 of those being DIY or professional wall and floor tilers, the rest being homeowners looking for a professional to carry out their work.

Many ’tile forums’ have been setup since TilersForums.co.uk took the lead, one forum even got purchased from a company that went into administration. Another was setup by an adhesive manufacturer. Non of them have managed to obtain any great numbers of regular members and regular traffic. TilersForums.co.uk still to this day holds the number one spot and its members keep on returning.

TilersForums.co.uk is free to use, and comes with a range of benefits for the professional tiler. For more information checkout www.TilersForums.co.uk.

WeDoTrades go into Liquidation

In November 2011 the trading name of WeDoTrades, EBH Web Limited, went into Liquidation. Many members of many forums including TilersForums.co.uk, UKPlumbersForums.co.uk and ElectriciansForums.co.uk claim that although they paid expensive costs to WeDoTrades, they never sore work come in from the website.

Penman and Sommerlad of The Mirror Investigations show an Electrician that WeDoTrades let down badly. The member of ElectriciansForums.co.uk, Malcolm Bramhall stated that he had paid £1,200+VAT and he was promised to get that amount back on profit out of work given by WeDoTrades who claimed they had a tie-in with Countrywide Estate Agents, a large concern in the property industry, although Countrywide were reported to have told the Mirror Investigations that they had a “very small” trial with WeDoTrades and “a decision was taken in September not to pursue a working relationship with this company”.

WeDoTrades is now a trading name of Silvercom Limited which use the same virtual office address to trade from as the previous EBH Web Limited. So watch out.

In a time when the economy is unstable a website that acts as a middleman charging to connect customers with tradesmen are less and less required. There are more tradesmen out of work, and less customers having work done. So any money the customer has spare should not be given to a middleman but either saved, or put towards the job and paid directly to the tradesmen for their labour and / or materials required.

We recommend customers to search the internet and avoid directories but try to find tradesmen’s own websites where you can see feedback from customers, pictures of their work, information about what work they cover, and the area’s they work in. We recommend getting three quotes, and references from them all, and check their references out before booking any one of them. Customers would then save a little money, and perhaps in cases like these, the tradesmen would too.

365Drills Launch Another Product in the PORSADRILL Range!

PORSADRILL J-HookThe inventors of the anti-slip gel plate 365Drills have done it again. Yet again the simple solution (it is always the simple ideas that work!) to core drilling tough porcelain tile has improved once more. First it was the anti-slip gel plate, then it was the drill-cooling sponge that was packaged using no extra plastic (for the recycle conscious amongst us) due to its special ‘growing’ properties (stick it in water and it expands). And now, for those annoying moments when you are stuck in a funny position and you have a cooled-down (and retracted) core drill bit that has trapped the core inside the bit, you have the PORSADRILL tile core ejector tool dubbed the J-hook for its shape.


The PORSADRILL J-Hook (tile core ejector tool) is fully manufactured in the UK and compliments the range of core-drilling solutions offered by 365Drills in the PORSADRILL range. Sold separately to the main range of core drill bits which range from 6mm to 125mm and are available in 35 different sizes (fitting all of those round holes you might expect to see in walls in all bathrooms, kitchens and the likes) due to the fact that you only need to ever buy one for your tool kit, the PORSADRILL J-Hook is sure to be the bathroom fitters dream when it comes to protecting those screwdriver tips you tend to damage by prying out the tough porcelain and ceramic tile cores that often get stuck in the drill bit.


PORSADRILL and J-HookFor more information on the Tile Core Ejector Tool by 365Drills visit www.365drills.com.

Expect to see the ‘J-Hook’ in stores priced at around £7.99. But as noted HERE you can expect to see the online price around the £4.99 mark.

Want to See More?

Then watch the video. The bloke in it is the inventor of the product.

sWe’s Tiling Guides

TilersForums has a member from Sweden who spent a long time putting together some basic guides with regards to many aspects of wall and floor tiling. The tiling guides started in May 2008 and added to in 2009. The forum ‘thread’ (topic) is still open although hasn’t been replied to for some time. The guides are just that, guides, anybody using them should also seek (up to date) information and facts from their professional wall and floor tiler.

If you read the guides you will see that a lot of thought has gone into putting them together. Topics include:-

Please do read the whole thread as many contributors added their views and experiences. It is probably fair to say that sWe’s wall and floor tiling guides have helped save 10’s of thousands of pounds in failures of wall and floor tiling jobs on bathrooms, kitchens, floors, conservatories and the likes. Possibly hundreds of thousands of tiles have stayed stuck to walls and floors of customers houses a lot longer than they would perhaps have been without tilers reading and taking note of some of the important points raised in the guides.

Disclaimer: TilersForums.co.uk and / or UKTilingNews.co.uk (along with sWe, the originator of the content) do NOT take any responsibility for loss or damaged caused by using information found on any of the websites mentioned. Professional tilers’ advice should always be followed on a per-job basis. It is recommended that customers get specifications from at least three fully qualified wall and floor tilers (and not general builders, or plumbers, etc) before commencing work.

Tilers Forums

Checkout the following Tilers Forums websites.

  • Tilers Forums – Tilers Forums UK website. With more than 19,000 tilers registered you’ll find nothing but tile chat.
  • Tile Talk Australia – Australia’s number one tile chat websites. Professional and DIY wall and floor tilers are welcome.
  • Tiling Courses – a directory of UK tiling training centres.
  • Tiling Tools – Professional Tiling Tools advice website and supplier directory.

Natural stone tiles and paving by Perfect home and garden.

Todays market in stone tiles seems to be flooded with a lot of commercial grades at cheap cheap prices and it is devaluing the status of stone tiles in the home in my opinion.

So that is why i ( david howe tiling) only use the best supplier i can.

That supplier is perfect home and garden in shildon county durham.

The owner is David sowerby, and David only sells the best quality stone, be it tiles or paving and David has a good selection of stone onsale to the public and trade.

Established to bring you the best stone products from around the world at the best possible prices.

Perfect home and garden do not claim to be the cheapest stone supplier around because they do not deal in the cheapest low quality stone. What they do supply is top quality stone and accessory products at very competitive prices.

The cost or time involved in installing your new tiles or paving does not reduce if you buy cheap low quality stone, in fact it may even increase due to higher scrap rates or poor sizing, so why compromise and then regret it every time you look at it.

At Perfect Home and Garden they have spent the time sourcing top quality stone directly from some of the best suppliers around the world so that you can have a wall or floor that you can be proud of for many years to come.

Patios & Paving

Create that spectacular garden area from a beautiful selection of stone for external use. From patio paving to cobbles and setts, to circle, octagon and star features, they can supply everything you need to create your perfect garden.

In The Home

Whether it’s for floor or wall they have a wide range of stunning natural stones in a variety of colours, finishes and sizes to suit every taste and setting. Give your home that added elegance and character of natural stone at prices that won’t break the bank.

In addition to the stone they also supply everything you need to fit, maintain and even heat your new stone floor. We stock a range of quality Mapei adhesives, sealants and grouts specifically suited to natural stone.

Underfloor heating is a fantastic addition to stone flooring and we can supply the complete Uheat package including insulation sheets, heatmats or cables, thermostats and levelling compounds.

So if you require top quality any where in the uk  at very competitive prices then please do contact perfect home and garden and ask for David sowerby and mention David howe tiling recommended them.

Perfect Home and Garden
Unit 5, George Reynolds Industrial Estate
County Durham

Tel: +44 (0) 1388 776211
Fax: +44 (0) 1388 778772

Do you have your Tiling NVQ now?

There’s a poll on TilersForums.co.uk “Do you have your Tiling NVQ Now?” as it is near 2010 which is when the Government said only those with a Tiling NVQ can work on-site. And there has been discussion even saying domestic jobs are classed as a ‘site’.

Please feel free to pop over to the forum and contribute to the Poll as it’ll help give us a bit of an understanding as to what sort of percentages now have a Tiling NVQ.


Anti-stick Training Adhesive for Tiling Training Centre’s

Training Centre’s have had a non-stick adhesive for some time but there are still a few training centre’s ‘fixing’ tiles to walls and floors using a standard adhesive.

If you’re looking for training adhesives for your training centre then please checkout a couple of the options you have including:-

– 0870 333 0070 – Weber http://www.netweber.co.uk/
– PCI http://www.pci.uk.com/en/Pages/Contact.aspx

TilersForums.co.uk Competition Winners Announced

Diamond Training Centre provided a competition for the forum offering training courses to the three winners picked at random from a hat. The entries each had to find out the Year tilersforums.co.uk was created, which was 2006, and some even worked out the Month, which was April.

The three winners have been announced on the forum today in the following thread: Win a Two Week Tiling Course – Competition Winners Announced Here!

TilersForums.co.uk would like to thank Diamond Training Centre for making this opportunity possible.

Underfloor Heating at the Tilers Forum

Checkout the electric underfloor heating offers on the tilers forum as soon as you can to save cash on your next underfloor heating purchase, no matter whether you’re trade or DIY. If you’re installing underfloor heating, checkout the tilers forum.

Electric Underfloor Heating at the Tilers Forum
Underfloor Heating Directory